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Established in 1998, Animal Magic Pet Grooming is one of Australia’s most awarded salons. 
The salon team is led by International Master Groomer Emily Myatt. 

Meet the Team


Emily Myatt

International Master Groomer

  • Honorary Professor at Keimyung College University, South Korea

  • Honorary Professor at Tajen University, Taiwan

  • International Master Groomer

  • Certificate IV in Pet Styling (ACM40617)

  • Certificate IV in TAE (TAE40110)

  • Certificate III in Vet Nursing

  • International Grooming Judge – NGKC and Barkleig


Erin O'May

Pet Stylist/ Manager

  • All Breeds Specialist

  • International Groomer

  • Certificate III in Pet Grooming (ACM30617)

  • Certificate III in Companion Animal Services (ACM30417)

  • Certificate III in Business

  • Certificate III in Tourism 


Maddison O'May

Pet Stylist

  • International Groomer

  • 1st Taiwan Grooming Competition

  • Certificate III in Pet Grooming (ACM30122) 

  • Certificate III in Hairdressing

  • Certificate III In Sport and Recreation

Judi Pearson.webp

Judi Pearson

Pet Stylist

  • 20+ years grooming experience

  • All breeds Specialist


Michael Bruce

Pet Stylist

  • Certificate III Pet Grooming (ACM30122)

  • Diploma of Graphic Design

  • 9+ Years Grooming Experience

  • Large Breed and Aggressive Dog Specialist

Yuki Takahashi.jpg

Yuki Takahashi

Pet Stylist

  • Certificate III Pet Grooming (ACM30122)

  • Small Breed Specialist

Erin McMahon.webp

Erin McMahon

Pet Groomer

  • 5+ Years Grooming Experience

  • Double Coated Specialist

  • Large Breeds

  • Certificate II Retail Operations

  • Certificate I Information and Digital Media

Having a Bath

Kate Grant


  • Bathing Specialist

  • Administration


Bri Wellauer


  • Bathing Specialist

  • Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze)

  • Graduate Emmanuel College


Iain Hinde

All Breeds Judge

  • 20+ Years Grooming Experience

  • Diploma of Education

  • Certificate IV in TAE (TAE40116) 

  • International Breed Judge

  • Terriers and Poodle Specialist


Lisa Carpenter


  • International dog show judge 

  • Australian champion dog show handler 

  • Dog breeder 

The Salon

We have an open-style salon that encourages our customers to view our work through a large window at our entrance. Nothing is hidden. We love showing our customers what we do in our air-conditioned grooming facilities. 

We only use best-in-class equipment, which is updated regularly to improve service time for your pet’s comfort. 

Each pet is examined thoroughly on arriving at the salon to evaluate its individual needs and requirements. Many owners complain that their pet has been ‘shaved’ at other salons, but forget to mention that their pet hadn’t been brushed in six months, leaving the other groomer with no choice. 

As professional groomers, we have a code of ethics to abide by as set by animal welfare and animal ethics legislation.  We are strongly opposed to animal cruelty, so we do not de-matt coats in cases where knots are so bad that de-matting would cause pain and suffering to the animal. 

Often, situations like this evolve when pet owners get the wrong advice about caring for their pet’s coat.  Our staff have the knowledge and experience to teach each individual pet owners how to groom their pets correctly; we can also supply grooming tools appropriate for your animal’s breed and coat type. 

During our treatments, we also focus on animal mental health. Understanding canine psychology is key for a balanced, happy dog. Our staff are trained to handle even the most difficult pet, so many owners come to us when other groomers have refused treatment.  

The handling skills that enable us to groom special-needs pets comes from having many years of experience with dogs, being able to read their body language, and communicate with them in the right way. We never use sedatives. 

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